Everything about Knitted Elastic Tapes

Amongst the many varieties of elastic tapes that are available in the market, knitted elastic tape is becoming increasingly popular due to its affordable price. These are also highly pliable and flexible in nature. Different kinds of hosiery industries use such elastic tapes to enhance the comfort of their product. Mostly rubber and latex is knitted together to make these high quality elastic tapes. The knitting work is done in such a way so as to increase the durability and stretch ability of the elastic. A good test of the quality of these tapes is that when these are stretched, they come back to their previous position.

FoShan Cheung King Elastic Webbing Co.,Ltd has clients all over the world demanding knitted elastic tape. The company provides quality products to clients in Middle-East, Europe and even Asia.  They are a leading manufacturer and exporter of elastic tapes in different parts of the world. The enterprise has hundreds of loyal customers in both apparel and hosiery industries overseas. It is also backed up by a very efficient working team that deals with any volume of order within a very limited time frame.

Uses of knitted elastic tape

The knitted elastic tape comes in wide range of size, fabrication and even design. These elastic tapes are not only used in hosiery industry but also in the garment industry. Companies widely use these elastics in undergarments for different age groups because these are supremely comfortable on the skin. Knitted elastics are so durable that even after many washes they don’t lose their shape.

FoShan Cheung King Elastic Webbing Co., Ltd employs very advanced and cutting edge technology in the knitting of elastic tapes. The knitted elastic tape provided by the firm is best suited to the needs of the customer as they are both shrink resistant and light-weighted. They also provide knitted elastics in different patterns, colours, shapes and sizes according to the requirements of the client. The products are reasonably priced without any compromise in quality. The knitting technology used by the firm is very modern and contemporary to meet the pressing demands of modern industries.

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