Comfortable and Versatile Nylon Shoulder Elastic

A shoulder strap, in simple words, is a strap over your shoulder. It usually refers to a woman’s dress to support it as style symbol. With customer’s comfort as priority, FoShan Cheung King Elastic Webbing Co., Ltd designs exclusive nylon shoulder elastic to provide high and long time elasticity.

Over 9 years to its establishment, FoShan Cheung King Elastic Webbing Co.,Ltd has acquired the market and gained presence in Asia, Europe, Middle East and rest of the world. Known for its reliability and good customer service, the company also offers to send free samples to its customers.

Coming back to nylon shoulder elastic, this product is made of quality materials to suit every woman’s specific needs. The nylon shoulder elastic straps are strong, yet light and comfortable. This can be mainly used in different types of garment accessories such as bras, underwear, dresses, spaghetti straps, aprons, evening gowns and even prom dresses. A good quality nylon shoulder strap is available in fast colours. Their main attributes are resistance to light, heat, washing, ironing and friction.

More about Nylon Shoulder Elastic

Here is overall information about nylon shoulder elastic:

  • The nylon shoulder strap is available in different types such as knitted, woven, jacquard
  • The choice of colours includes rose, pink, beige besides the regular black and red.
  • It is eco-friendly and high tenacity elastic
  • The nylon elastic does not deform under constant pulling or drawing
  • It promises long term stability
  • This shoulder strap is cost-effective
  • The product can be used for undergarment trimmings, underwear tapes, bra edgings etc.

If you are looking for nylon shoulder elastic, make sure to test its quality before placing any order. A good shoulder strap has to be strong and resistant to stretching and pulling. FoShan Cheung King Elastic Webbing Co., Ltd offers you the freedom to pay a visit to the store to inspect the products. The Company is proud of its designs and quality of its products. If you wish, you can ask them for creating a customised design according to your specification for a unique experience.

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