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Uses of Underwear Accessory

Nowadays underwear accessory has become a very important part of fashion fad. People love to accessorize their  undergarments and enhance its look further. Many people also use these accessories to add comfort and support to  their undergarments. There are different kinds of trendy accessories available for underwear: Halter neck beads for shoulder strap Summer fashion accessories Silicon strapless bra Non-slip buckle accessory Metal shoulder strap made of rhinestone Double shoulder strap Bra underwires FoShan Cheung King Elastic Webbing Co., Ltd. is engaged in providing excellent quality underwear accessory.  The production technique and equipment used by the firm match up international standards. They also provide  other services like making personalized accessories for the clients. An extensive range of accessories and assortments  are delivered by them to different parts of the world. The approach of providing best quality products at reasonable  price has helped them gained popularity overseas also. Uses of Underwear Accessories According to FoShan Cheung King Elastic Webbing Co., Ltd., a wide variety of underwear accessories are available  in the market. The varying ranges of such accessories are meant for various applications for different users. Some  people use these to accessorize their undergarments to beautify the look and some use these for better comfort.  However, stainless steel wire and other such accessories are mainly preferred by women for adding more support  to their contours. These come in various shapes and sizes to meet the requirement of the people.  FoShan Cheung King Elastic Webbing Co., Ltd.  manufactures different types of underwear accessory. They have  a niche in this industry as they provide premium quality products at reasonable prices. Even the bra underwire  manufactured by the firm is made of best quality stainless steel with nylon power head. They also offer products  of various sizes which are personalized specially to meet the demands of the client. Known for having friendly and flexible customer policies, the company has a 100% record of supplying excellent  quality products at very competitive prices. The products offered here are well-known for providing both comfort and support. You can get wide range of skin friendly accessories from the firm  in bulk volumes and limited time frame.

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Essential Information on Underwear Elastic Waistband

All elastic waistbands used for underwear fall essentially into two categories. One type is that in which the underwear elastic waistband is inserted into a stitched-down covering and the other in which the elastic is attached directly to the underwear’s … Continue reading

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Elastic Straps Manufacturing / Production by C&K

 C&K Narrow Fabrics manufactures Elastic Straps for various applications in the Luggage, Automobile, Garment, Hosiery, and Footwear industries. C&K Narrow Fabrics’s collection of woven Elastic Straps are made of superior quality woven fibers including cotton, polyester, nylon and others. These … Continue reading

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Underwear, Pajama and Lingerie Elastic

Pajamas, boxers and many undergarments undergarments, usually have elastic that is stitched directly to the fabric and the elastic is worn against the skin. This is not an opportunity for “any old elastic”. You want Pajama Elastic that is constructed … Continue reading

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Stretch Elastic Piping

Our piping is finished with a rolled edge that has a slight shine for a very up scale look. Use this to finish any outside edges. Especially nice for necklines and sleeve edges. Can be used on sleeveless tanks. Stretch … Continue reading

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bar shoulder elastic for French Lingerie Bra

C&C ELASTIC can supply bar shoulder elastic for French Vanilla Maternity Lingerie Bra ! This delightful bra is enriched with features that make it ideal to wear every day. The refined cup height, under band shaping and low lace edge in … Continue reading

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Lingerie Elastic

C&C ELASTIC INC.  New colors 2013 3/8″ wide. C&C ELASTIC INC.  received some new colors of leg lingerie elastic overruns from a major lingerie manufacturer. We got a good price on the new shipment and are passing the saving to you. … Continue reading

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Why Using Lingerie Elastic Straps For Bra?

        Lingerie is indispensable for every woman, numerous lingerie available in the market waiting for women to choose. You will find the lingerie using jacquard elastic as the lingerie’s shoulder harness. The material of lingerie is various which are … Continue reading

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Woven elastic band

  1) Material: Nylon + Spandex/Latex  2) Width: 40 mm  3) Application: Underwear, Garments, etc.  4) Making according to your request (Material, Color, Size, Design, etc. )   5) Marvellous quality and on time services.  Woven elastic band, Underwear Elastic, Underwear … Continue reading

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Commercial Elastic Webbing

C & C Elastic Inc. manufactures a wide range of commercial elastics for a variety of industries. We produce these elastic using natural latex rubber or latex rubber substitutes. These elastics range from light weight high stretch elastics to heavy duty … Continue reading

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