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Everything about Knitted Elastic Tapes

Amongst the many varieties of elastic tapes that are available in the market, knitted elastic tape is becoming increasingly popular due to its affordable price. These are also highly pliable and flexible in nature. Different kinds of hosiery industries use … Continue reading

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Essential Information on Underwear Elastic Waistband

All elastic waistbands used for underwear fall essentially into two categories. One type is that in which the underwear elastic waistband is inserted into a stitched-down covering and the other in which the elastic is attached directly to the underwear’s … Continue reading

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Braided, Knitted, Shopping for Elastic

As you approach a notions counter you will notice different labels on the elastic. Look at the weight or thickness of the elastic and relate it to the project at hand. A heavy denim fabric is going to require a … Continue reading

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Tunnel Elastic

This knitted elastic is professional quality and chlorine resistant. It does not lose its stretch even with repeated wearing and washings, perfect for swimwear and legs of panties. It is intended to be used in a casing or turned under. … Continue reading

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