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Looking for a quality Bra Elastic Strap?

One of the good things about bra elastic strap is that women can feel comfortable about their body.  It is not always about a pretty face, your body too needs a touch of attitude to stand confident and celebrate your curves. FoShan Cheung King Elastic Webbing Co., Ltd gives you that look and attitude, whether for everyday wear or  special occasions. It offers a wide range of elastic straps from knitted to woven to Jacquard, all under one roof of  excellent quality. The company has its wings spread across Asia, Middle East, Europe and rest of the world.  Known for its reliability and good customer service, the company accepts if any customer or a third party wants to  pay a visit and inspect the products. It also has an efficient team who can fulfil any volume of order as far as  manufacturing and exporting the products is concerned. More Information about Bra Elastic Strap Bra elastic strap comes in different types of fashion. The products vary in colours, materials and even patterns.  Nylon, spandex, lycra, polyester, cotton and rayon are among the most preferred materials.  Knit Webbing Elastic  Straps, for instance, uses 100% Polyester. It is light-weight, durable and eco-friendly.  Woven elastic bra straps, on the other hand, use nylon and spandex and are lab tested for quality and durability.  The other kind, Jacquard elastic bra strap, is engineered from the best quality raw material and is widely known  for being a good quality water repellent.  All these products from FoShan Cheung King Elastic Webbing Co., Ltd are tested thoroughly on several  parameters to ensure flawlessness in terms of both quality and fashion. With efficiency of work on one hand and  passion on the other, the company is most sought after by both customers and manufacturers.   Today, more than half a million women have their confidence rooted in FoShan brand because of their superior  product quality. Under this brand name, you can look for more comfortable styles of bra elastic strap in the  market in the next few years. Based on customer suggestions and latest market trends, the company make sure to  cater to every need without compromise.

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Elastic Straps Manufacturing / Production by C&K

 C&K Narrow Fabrics manufactures Elastic Straps for various applications in the Luggage, Automobile, Garment, Hosiery, and Footwear industries. C&K Narrow Fabrics’s collection of woven Elastic Straps are made of superior quality woven fibers including cotton, polyester, nylon and others. These … Continue reading

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Shoulder Strap

Remember the stylish and a wee, revealing noodle strap blouse which anchors, flaunt with elan in those cricket commentaries which nearly make the men forget about the cricket matches. all they want to see is the hot new look of … Continue reading

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Bra Styles and Features

Bra Styles C&C Elastic for Bra manufacturer has designed and custom made bras from chest size 8 to 32, and from AA to N cup.  Because each bra is made to fit the individual, we especially cater to women who have … Continue reading

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Stretch Elastic Piping

Our piping is finished with a rolled edge that has a slight shine for a very up scale look. Use this to finish any outside edges. Especially nice for necklines and sleeve edges. Can be used on sleeveless tanks. Stretch … Continue reading

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Why Using Lingerie Elastic Straps For Bra?

        Lingerie is indispensable for every woman, numerous lingerie available in the market waiting for women to choose. You will find the lingerie using jacquard elastic as the lingerie’s shoulder harness. The material of lingerie is various which are … Continue reading

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